Book a Performance

Notice:  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, HeatWave has been cancelled until such time as they can start to practice and perform.

HeatWave would love to perform at your event! Call today for your booking.

Booking a HeatWave performance for your event is easy:  
Call Angela Renteria , HeatWave Director, at 608-302-5763.   or


Performance season


HeatWave’s performance season generally runs from April to September, though performances are considered on a case-to-case basis. 




We are able to stage shows in a variety of settings.  We have performed indoors and outdoors, on different types of surfaces, at various times of the day, and on any day of the week.  We are unable to perform in the rain, however, due to surfaces becoming slippery for the dancers and the vulnerability of our sound equipment. 


In the past we have performed at these venues and more:

  • County fairs

  • Nursing homes

  • 4-H Clubs

  • Luncheons and banquets

  • Farmers markets

  • Dairy breakfasts

  • Apartment and neighborhood festivals

  • Events in parks

  • Church events

  • Civic functions

  • Janesville Performing Arts Center Youth Cabaret

  • Farm Technology Days

Custom Performance Length


The length of our performances can be customized to fit your schedule.  Our standard show runs approximately one hour but can be adjusted to be longer or shorter.  Shows generally include:

  1. program pieces that are performed by the entire show choir

  2. program pieces performed by only girls or only boys

  3. “specials” that are auditioned pieces performed by soloists or small groups.


Fees and Contracts


We do not charge a set booking fee for groups who invite HeatWave to perform for their events but encourage donations to help defray travel and production costs. 4-H is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, donations to HeatWave are tax deductible.  For a booking to be complete, a contract must be signed and returned to the Director.


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