About HeatWave

HeatWave is the Rock  County 4-H Show Choir founded in 1991 as a positive outlet and educational opportunity for 4-H youth in Rock County, Wisconsin.  HeatWave’s goals are:

  • to teach performance skills and develop talent,

  • to encourage cooperation, creativity, and confidence,

  • to expand and demonstrate leadership and communication skills,

  • to promote Rock  County 4-H and the Performing Arts.





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HeatWave members have an interest in singing, dancing, staging, and/or performance and have a desire to work cooperatively within a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and skills.  Members participate in all aspects of the show from planning and design to set-up and tear-down and are expected to take part in fundraising efforts.  In many cases, being involved in HeatWave is a pivotal experience in a young person’s life.